In Feb. 2017 Hubby & I added the TOP of the line in Colostrum

products from ANOVITE' { A NEW YOU }

WHY? I've been fighting Lyme Disease, Co-infections, MS as

​well as Post Viral Encephalitis for 50 years. My story will come soon. These all started when I was 15 & affected all of my organs & more. I only knew about the Lyme about 3 years ago. I was working to KILL the Lyme & Co-infections but the Cleansing Process was too strong for my body. I needed to build up my immune system plus systems I didn't remember having. lol

I was talking to a past biz partner & he shared the info with me. Listen to Dr K explain these systems along with the products he had personally formulated over 25 years before. He sold them in a few Stores but decided to share discounts, free products, guidance & profit with those who were benefiting from from them.            Let's get you started with info today.